Evading Wildlife and Embracing the Needy

Let’s see…do I wave my arms around, yell, back up slowly, make eye contact, avoid eye contact, or run away as fast as I can?  If you have trouble remembering what to do for each particular kind of wildlife that you might encounter here in Golden, head to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center this afternoon.  They’re holding a Wildlife Encounter Primer this afternoon from 1-2:30.

The Golden Christian Action Guild has been quietly assisting Golden’s needy families for decades.  They run a food bank and provide clothing and household goods, as well as temporary rent assistance.  If you’ve been looking for an organization to support, where your money would be kept in the community, you couldn’t do better than supporting the Christian Action Guild.  This afternoon from 1-4 they’re hosting an open house.  Take a tour of their building at 1401 Ford Street and learn more about their projects and services.  For more information contact Joyce Sutton at 303-279-5674