Salamanders, Yetis, and Rain Barrels

Lookout Mountain Nature Center

The Lookout Mountain Nature Center is offering Preschool Nature Nuts — Tiger Salamanders today, tomorrow, and Saturday mornings.  Join us for crafts and activities as we explore the bizarre life of Colorado’s only native salamander. This program is specifically designed for children ages 3-5 years with an adult. We ask that your child has reached his/her third birthday before participating in this class. Participant limit: 15 preschoolers (3 -5 years old) Registration for this program opens at 9:00 a.m. one month before the date of the program. If you are registering after this time, but space is no longer available, please call Lookout Mountain Nature Center at 720-497-7600 to be placed on a waiting list. Free. Registration and more information.

Yesterday we reported that the Mountaineering Museum would have Thirsty Thursday tomorrow night.  As it turns out, they’ve had to cancel this one, but never fear–they will have the Yeti Night Thirsty Thursday on October 20th.

State Representative Jessie Danielson will be at the Golden Library this evening from 6-7 to discuss the new Rain Barrel Bill that was passed, which allows homeowners to collect rainwater in one or two 55 gallon barrels for outside uses.