Revving up for the holiday weekend

The Library’s DIY Lab is open tonight from 5:30-7:30, so stop by and play with some of their toys!

Runner’s High does a weekly group run on Thursdays from 6-7, so if you’re looking for some new running buddies, feel free to join them at the store–103 N. Rubey Drive.

Tonight’s live music:  Dave Frisk in the bar at the Buffalo Rose, starting at 4; Chris Webb at the Golden Hotel from 6-9; Bob Songster at Golden Moon Speakeasy from 7-10, When it Was at Grappa from 6:30-9:30, and Karaoke at the Ace Hi, starting at 9.

Golden Street Fair

Are you ready for tomorrow night’s Street Fair?  This month it will be two blocks long and will include live country music and dancing.  This is the official celebration of the Golden Transcript‘s 150th birthday (which isn’t actually till December, but the weather is better for an outdoor party now!)  The party will run from 5-9.