Quilts, Music, and Casey Brown

Quilt Museum in Golden Colorado

This is the last day to see the Quilt Museum’s exhibit, Patchwork Pundits Take on Politics and the Presidential Quilt Project.  These are such interesting quilts!  If you want to see social commentary and a quilt for each of the first 44 presidents, get in there today.  They are open from 10-4.  Map

The Cowboys will be gathered for small group performances at the Mountaineering Center from 10-5 today, and the main show is at 7:30.  Go!  You’ll enjoy it!

West Side Live! is presenting Dr. Harlan’s Amazing Bluegrass Tonic tonight at 7 at the Unitarian Church.

Councilor Casey Brown will have Coffee with a Councilor tomorrow morning from 10-11 at the Community Center.

The Denver Stock Show ends this weekend, so that means that holiday lights will come down all over the metro area.  I’m not sure whether tonight or tomorrow night will be the last for Golden’s downtown lighting, but enjoy them while you can!