Public Art, Street Fair, Farmers Market

The Public Art Commission is meeting at 9 this morning.  They’ll be in a conference room at the Community Center, so the meeting will not be broadcast.  This is the meeting where they had planned to decide the fate of the bronze statues along the creek.  They may still choose to do so, but the City staff consulted an attorney, who recommends that the statues be deaccessioned on the chance that they might be unsanctioned copies.  With this in mind, considering the degree of public support for keeping the bronzes, staff is recommending that the Commission let City Council decide.  You can read all about it in the meeting packet.

hummingbirdstatueThey will also be meeting with the artist who will be making something for the roundabout by King Soopers.  He’s proposing an 18 foot-long metal hummingbird, made of of recycled car hoods or sheets of weathering steel.  See examples of his artwork in the meeting packet.  He’s made some pretty interesting stuff!

They will probably be moving “Golden Touch,” the statue of the miner with his burro, from the creek path back to its original location, at 13th and Washington.  This will be confirmed (or not) at this morning’s meeting.

The bicycle statue that had been at that intersection needs a new location.  They’ll be discussing that at their July meeting.


GET READY FOR A BIG WEEKEND!  Tomorrow night (Friday June 3rd) is the first Street Fair of the year, and Saturday morning (June 4th) is the first Golden Farmers Market of the year!  These are both put on by the Golden Chamber of Commerce, so thank a Chamber member!