Proposal to Replace 1 House with 6 Condos on Ford St.

Ford Street Housing - Golden Colorado

The City will hold a meeting tonight at 5:30 in City Council Chambers to discuss the potential submittal of a special use permit (SUP) application to allow up to 100% residential uses on a property zoned CMU-CC1, Community Mixed Use Community Corridor 1. This is an informal meeting to provide an opportunity for the potential applicant and the neighborhood to discuss the proposal prior to application. In the event the applicant chooses to proceed with a formal application, a Planning Commission public hearing will be scheduled for SUP and site plan approvals.

The applicant is Highland Development Company of Denver.

This same property will be the subject of a Historic Preservation Board hearing next Monday, August 7th, when the applicant requests approval to demolish the current house, which was built in 1948.  See the Historic Preservation Board’s meeting packet on the city website for more information about the project.