Political Drama on TV Tonight


City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. Parks & Rec Director Tarullo will give an update on the Ulysses Skateboard Park redesign.

Tonight’s most interesting topic will be yard signs. Our current code states that a yard can contain no more than two signs, unless the signs are political. For 60 days before an election and 5 days after, we can have unlimited political yard signs.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that cities can’t exempt any type of sign on the basis of content. Tonight, council will consider whether to restrict all signs–including political ones–to two per yard. This would be an unpopular decision, since it would restrict freedom of political expression. Cities all over the country are grappling with this issue. We must comply with the Supreme Court decision, but we don’t want to restrict political yard signs. We could change our code to allow unlimited yard signs of any type, all the time, but that could result in yards all over town filled with commercial signs.

What will City Council decide? Tune in tonight and see! The meeting will be broadcast live through cable channel 8 and the City’s website.