Ski movie and parking meters

Tonight at the Mountaineering Museum (10th & Washington), Powder7 will present a screening of MSP’s latest ski flick.   At 6pm they will have Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery beer and free admission to the museum.  The doors open at 7pm for the film and the movie begins at 8pm.  All proceeds go to the American Mountaineering Museum.  To get tickets please visit–Other/sale
Or stop by Powder7 (880 Brickyard Circle) for $5 tickets!

parkingmeterCity Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  Tonight’s hot topic is likely to be downtown parking.  City staff has been studying our over-taxed parking capacity.  They have concluded that the biggest factor in our parking congestion is 200-300 cars each day coming to the School of Mines.  The college charges for parking, and the city offers it for free, so Mines people park in downtown lots.  The city plans to start writing more parking tickets, and they are recommending that Council approve permit parking for some downtown spots, and paid (metered) parking for some spots.

There are no public hearing items tonight, so if you want to address council, you must be there at the beginning of the meeting, for the general public comment period.  The meeting will be broadcast live on cable channel 8 and through the city website.