Parking: speak now, or hold your peace

Downtown Parking

The City will hold an Open House tonight to acquaint the public with issues and plans regarding parking.  The proposal under consideration calls for some of the downtown parking to be PAID.

There are pros and cons to this plan.  The objective is to discourage people from leaving their car there all day, while they are at school or work, thereby making parking hard to find.  It would definitely be nice to have less parking congestion.

However, we have never had to pay for any parking downtown.  In fact, we’ve highlighted free parking as a draw in our tourism campaigns.  Some people will likely find the idea of paid parking in downtown Golden infuriating.

If you have a strong opinion about paid parking, speak up NOW, while City Council is asking for public comment.  It’s much easier to affect a plan before it goes into effect than it is afterwards.  Tonight’s open house will be held at the Community Center from 5:30-7:30PM.  Learn more….