Park & Museum Issues

Autumn in Golden Colorado
The Parks, Recreation, and Museums Board will meet tonight at 7PM at the Golden Community Center. The meeting will not be broadcast live, because the equipment for broadcasting is in the City Council chamber. Nathan Richie from the Golden History Museum will explain the planned renovations. The museum will be closed for about 6 months during construction. The discussion about steps to reduce crime in Lions Park will continue. They will make plans for a Single Track Sidewalk Pilot Project. They will consider neighbors’ concerns about traffic and parking during special events in the Clear Creek Corridor (such as Buffalo Bill Days and the 4th of July). For more information about these topics, see the meeting packet.

The Tuesday Night Book Group meets tonight from 6-7PM at the Library. They will be discussing Wintering by Peter Geye.

Bell Middle School will have a Band Concert tonight from 6:30-8 in the school auditorium.

Tonight from 6-9PM is Open Mic Night at the Old Capitol Grill and Smokehouse.  They’ll also have $2 tacos.