New Developments and Selling Artifacts

There will be two city meetings this week.  The GURA board will meet tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will discuss the planned development at 2400 Ford Street.  The board will have an executive session to discuss possible tax incentive agreements for the property.

The Parks & Recreation Board will meet Tuesday night at 7PM in the Community Center.  They will discuss changes to the Museum Collections Policy.  Golden citizens were taken aback when the contents of the Astor House were sold.  In an effort to prevent this from happening again, the museum proposes to notify the community of future artifact sales.

A piece of news from the last Parks & Rec meeting:  Museum staff came to the Board in November to discuss the Golden Music Festival.  This has happened in June for many years.  It was originally called Summer Solstice and was started by the owners of the Golden City Brewery.  The Museum staff pointed out that the festival has netted them about $15,000/year as a fund-raiser (after accounting for staff time).  They feel that the benefit to the museums doesn’t justify the time and effort involved.  The Board approved allowing the museum to discontinue the festival.  The Museum will see if anyone else wants to continue it in a different location.

And here’s some follow-up from last week’s Planning Commission: the site plan for the 12 townhouse development on the northwest corner of 19th and Ford was approved.  A site plan was also approved for a hotel on Highway 40 where it parallels I-70.