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Quality of Life

The best reason to move your business to Golden is the high quality of life the city offers, for you and your employees. Golden has good schools and low crime. We have a picturesque historic downtown, with lots of special events to give us reasons to go there. We have excellent parks, and lots of places to walk or ride our bikes. Golden residents can kayak, fish, pan for gold, go rock climbing or hang gliding…all without leaving town! We also have a thriving cultural scene, with a professional theater, a symphony, an art center, and museums about history, trains, quilts, geology, bicycles, and dinosaurs. We have live music almost every night of the week. Golden is cool, fun, and intellectually stimulating…what more could you want from a community?


Golden offers convenient access to I-70 (Denver and the mountains), C-470 (Denver Tech Center and all areas south), Highway 93 (Boulder) and light rail (Denver, and, coming soon Denver International Airport).

Well-educated workforce

The Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Lab provide an endless supply of creativity, innovation, and opportunity. Get in touch with Mines‘ or NREL’s Technology Transfer offices to learn more about working with them.

Red Rocks Community College provides an impressive array of technical training programs, such as computer technology, machining, construction management, emergency management. Check their listing of academic programs to see the scope of offerings.


Financial Assistance and Incentives

The City of Golden includes several Urban Renewal Districts. Businesses located in those districts can apply for Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Learn more….

The City can grant up to $25,000 in business assistance and incentives. Contact the Economic Development department at 303-384-8172 to discuss options.

Businesses within the Downtown District can apply for grants to assist with energy efficiency, facade, and website grants. Learn more….

Sections of Golden fall within Jefferson County’s Enterprise Zone. Businesses in those areas may be eligible for tax credits on equipment purchases, job training, health insurance, R&D,other other business expenditures. Learn more….

The Golden Civic Foundation offers business loans to Golden businesses that have been turned away by traditional lenders. Contact the Civic Foundation to explore this possibility.

Permits and Licences

The City can help with building permits, business registration, and sales and use tax licenses. Contact the Economic Development department (303-384-8172) for assistance.

Available Space

Guides to business areas around the city, similar to this one:

Corporate Center