More chickens & more art

Planning Commission meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will have public hearings on two issues.  They will consider changing the code regarding small animals (chickens, etc.) so that city staff could approve a permit without bringing it to planning commission for approval.  They will also discuss changing the code regarding “Mixed Use.”  The current definition requires that there by 25% residential use in a building, in order to qualify as Mixed Use.  The proposed change will all the 25% to occur in any building in a multi-building development, such as a new senior living center planned for Hwy 93 and Golden Gate Canyon Road.

Planning commission will also prioritize their list of pedestrian and bike improvements for inclusion in next year’s capital budget.

The Public Art Commission meets tomorrow morning at 9 in City Council Chambers.  City Council voted last week to budget $50,000/year for public art.  The Commission will review RFPs for two new $50,000 art projects–one is a group of bronze elk for the roundabout at Kimball and Heritage Roads, and the other is an unspecified project for the roundabout at South Golden Road and Ulysses.  They will also discuss current projects, which include medallions to be placed in the sidewalk along Clear Creek, near the Library; an upgrade to the transit shelters in Parfet Park, and new art to be commissioned for Ulysses Park.

For details about either meeting, check the meeting packets!