Memorial Day and Golden Bike Cruise

The Memorial Day parade will go down West 10th Street from Ulysses Park, past Bell Middle School, to the Golden Cemetery at 10:45.  At 11, the VFW will lead a flag ceremony in the Veterans section of the cemetery.  The Marine Memorial ceremony will take place at 2.

The Mayor issued a proclamation at last week’s City Council meeting, asking the public to observe a moment of silence at 11AM and again at 3PM in honor of Veterans who died in the line of duty.

Golden Bike Cruise - Pirates Month

The Golden Bike Cruise starts tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 31st).  This is a family-friendly event that starts at 6PM in the parking lot west of the library.  Bob’s Atomic Burgers and New Belgium Beer will be available, and a local band will be playing.  The group will leave for the ride at 7PM.

This year, they will be giving away a kid’s bike and other prizes at each ride! Adults get drawing tickets by buying either food or beer. Kids get tickets by:  1) Showing up.  2) Wearing a costume!  3) Bringing a can or box of nonperishable food for the Christian Action Guild Foodbank.  Be generous. Help others!

This month’s costume theme is “pirates,” so get your puffy shirts and eye patches ready to go, and we’ll see you tomorrow night.