Meetings Past and Present

Golden United hosted an inspiring rally to promote Tolerance and Unity last night in Parfet Park. About 200 people attended, and enjoyed inspiring speeches and music. Many signed up to be involved in future community events.

A group of Scrabble enthusiasts plans to meet this afternoon at the Library.  Drop by any time between noon and 4 if you’re interested in getting in on a game!

The Sustainability Board will meet tonight at 6PM in City Council Chambers. They will discuss and forward a recommendation about the proposed community solar garden to City Council. They are also working on creating an energy advisory program for businesses and residents.

Since this is a relatively slow news day, I thought I’d report on a couple of recent board and commission meetings.

Ford Street Housing - Golden Colorado

On August 7th, the Historic Preservation Board considered two cases. The first concerned the planned remodeling of the the Buffalo Rose. You may recall the design drawings that made the rounds last summer, which included a two-story glass structure at 12th and Washington and a roof dining area. Many felt that the design was too modern to harmonize with the rest of the historic downtown. The new version looks more like the current version of the Rose–only newer and nicer. The roofline of the building will remain pretty much the way it is now. The board approved the new design, so it will now go on to the Planning Commission.

The second case involved a single family home at 2215 East Street in the East Street Historic District. A developer wants to demolish the house and replace it with 6 townhouses and 6 two-car garages. The historic board felt that the project was too dense and the design was not appropriate for the surrounding historic district, so they did not approve the project. The developer may now decide to rework the design and bring it back to the Historic Board.

Lions Park - Golden ColoradoThe August 15th Parks & Recreation Board meeting included a discussion by the neighbors near Lions Park, who have seen evidence of criminal activity in the park this past summer, and are therefore forming a Neighborhood Watch. The recording of the meeting was cut off after 10 minutes, so I can’t say how the board and staff responded, but these are the problems reported by the neighbors: begging, unconsciousness, overnight camping, public consumption of alcohol, drug use, profanity, noise ordinance violations, theft, pet abandonment, and threatening.