Meetings & Books

This Week’s Meetings:

Monday – Downtown Development Authority meets at 6:30 in City Council Chambers
The DDA will discuss several proposed downtown infrastructure projects, including burying utilities in Prospectors Alley; replacing a sign between the Golden Hotel and the Clear Creek History Park; replacing the transit shelters in Parfet Park; repairing the irrigation and electricity downtown; improving directional signage downtown; and adding public art on Jackson at 12th and 13th.  They will also decide whether to contribute $50,000 to a flood plain revision.

Tuesday – Park and Recreation Advisory Board meets at 7PM at the Golden Community Center
Parks & Rec will begin discussing a master plan update, a park rules update, and a skatepark update.

Wednesday – Planning Commission meets at 6:30 in City Council Chambers
The Planning Commission will have a study session concerning the production and availability of fresh food in Golden, and will consider whether code or zoning changes might encourage more urban gardens, community gardens, and produce stands throughout the city.

For more information on any of these meetings, check the city website.

Book Sale

The Arthur Lakes Library at the Colorado School of Mines starts their annual Book Sale today.  The majority of items are scientific/technical, and include books, maps, reports, and government publications.  Proceeds support the Library and its staff.  9am-4pm at the Arthur Lakes Library, 1400 Illinois Street, Monday through Friday