Electricity to the “M”-blem on Mount Zion will be off for the next few days.  They’re doing electrical work on the new Marv Kay stadium, and the process requires that service to the M be interrupted.  So if you’re accustomed to navigating around the city by using the giant lit M, better travel with a compass for a few days.

For those new to the community, the “M” stands for the Colorado School of Mines.  Designed by Professor Joseph O’Byrne in 1908, the “M” on Mount Zion can be seen for many miles. The electric lights were added in 1932. In 2008, the incandescent light bulbs were replaced with energy-efficient LED lights.  Every fall, the freshman class from the School of Mines climbs the mountain with a rock from their home town, and adds it to the display.  The class then whitewashes the M (and each other).  Graduating seniors are invited to return to the M and take their rock away as a souvenir of their time in Golden.  The lights on the M are computer-controlled, and at certain times of the year they change color or assume different shapes (don’t be surprised if it turns into a jack o’ lantern on Halloween).