Low Energy Lunch

The National Renewable Energy Lab is offering a free lunchtime lecture today, on “Current Status and Future Prospects for Solid-State Lighting.”

Making the switch to solid-state lighting technologies is projected to reduce lighting energy consumption by half and save our country $250 billion over the next two decades, but did you also know it has the potential to lower crime rates, improve health and change the way buildings are designed? In this talk, Dr. Alberi will discuss how solid-state lighting works and how it is poised to impact our lives. She also will highlight some of the ongoing research at NREL that is aimed at advancing the performance of solid-state lamps.

Call 303-384-6565 or e-mail to make a reservation for this free public program. Participants are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy during the presentation, which will be held at the NREL Visitors Center, 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO (map).