We’re Losing More Lanes

Washington Avenue - Golden CO

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will meet on Monday night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss the proposed changes to Washington Avenue. After public comment meetings, the scope has expanded and the estimated cost has gone from $3.8 Million to $6.8 million. This is largely because of a proposed new parking facility to accommodate transit parking and the overflow from Cannonball Creek.  The entire length of the street, from 10th Street to Highway 93, will have one car lane in each direction, with the rest of the road converting to bike lanes and sidewalks.

Washington Avenue - Golden CO
Initially the project extended from Highway 58 to Highway 93. Since the new scope of the project now expands south of 58 into downtown, the DDA and GURA are now being asked to weigh in and help fund the work.  Learn more about the project on the City website.

The DDA will also discuss streetscape improvements to 8th Street, near El Dorado Mexican Restaurant and a new set of townhouses on the south side of 8th at Cheyenne.  See the full meeting packet.