Living in Golden

Golden isn’t just a place to live:  it’s a place to love.  That sounds like a tourism slogan, but as Golden residents know, it’s a fact.  If you wanted to “just live” somewhere, you could do it more easily elsewhere.  Golden’s housing is limited and it’s sometimes hard to find a place to rent or buy.

There is much to love about this town.  We have good schools and low crime.  We have a wonderful historic downtown, with lots of special events, to give us reasons to go there.  We have excellent parks, and lots of places to walk or ride our bikes.  Wonderful views, of course, and with I-70 close (but not so close that we hear it!) we have convenient access to Denver and the mountains.  Clear Creek provides a place to kayak, fish, pan for gold, or just watch those who do.  And speaking of watching…have you noticed those hang gliders hovering over Lookout Mountain?

We have a thriving cultural scene, with a professional theater, a symphony, an art center, and museums about history, trains, quilts, geology, bicycles, and dinosaurs.  We have live music almost every night of the week.  Golden Beer Talks provides a monthly convergence of academia and local beer culture.

We also have a high level of civic engagement.  People volunteer to help at public events.  They staff the front desks at museums and the Visitors Center.  Parents volunteer in the classrooms at their children’s schools.  Once a year, when City Council issues a call for new members of the advisory boards and commissions, there’s a feeding frenzy of vastly qualified individuals, vying to serve the city.

Of course, Golden is also a fine place to enjoy quiet and solitude, with plenty of open space for solitary walks or bike rides, and plenty of park benches where you can just sit and enjoy the view.

Whether you’re here for the social scene or the scenery, Golden is a nice place to live.

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