Sunlight, moonlight, and downtown development

We now have nearly 3 hours more daylight than we did three months ago, at the winter solstice.

Dec 21st  Sunrise – 7:17AM  Sunset – 4:39PM  Length of Day – 9Hr 21Min
Mar 21st  Sunrise – 7:01AM  Sunset – 7:14PM  Length of Day – 12Hr 13Min
Jun 21st  Sunrise – 5:32AM  Sunset – 8:32PM  Length of Day – 14Hr 59Min

Full moon over Golden

The moon is nearly full.  It will reach the fullest point at 6AM Wednesday morning.


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) meets tonight (3/21) at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  The meeting will be broadcast live on the City website.  They will discuss a number of planned and potential infrastructure projects, many of which will receive significant funding from GURA’s downtown legacy fund.  These are some of the items on the list:

Near Term
Underground utilities for Prospectors Alley 13th to 15th, improve surface, drainage, and pedestrian access
Update and make repairs to sign  near history Park
New curb gutter sidewalk and maybe landscaping on 8th Street west of Arapahoe to “connect” recent developments on 8th St. with downtown and the Creek.
Parfet Park Transit Shelters
Downtown electricity and irrigation repair/ upgrade
Help fund flood plain revision along Ford and Jackson to help with redevelopment feasibility analysis

Near to mid-term
Wayfinding in and around downtown
Public Art opportunities on Jackson at 12th and 13th
Expand electricity for south side of creek holiday lights
Revise Washington Avenue streetscape  re: trash and recycling
Screen east side of Jackson north of 13th Street.
Improve pedestrian crossing of Ford Street at 14th.

Learn more on the City website.