Learn (A LOT) About Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Ridge - Golden Cultural Alliance Member

Dinosaur Ridge (a member of the Golden Cultural Alliance) offers a FREE series of classes about dinosaurs. They’re great for people who are interested in volunteering at Dinosaur Ridge, but you’re also welcome to attend if you’re just interested in learning more about dinosaurs! You have several opportunities to take these classes, including both a once-a-week fast track or a once-a-month slow track.

The first class is this morning at 10AM. If 4 or more people request it, the instructor is willing to repeat it Friday morning at 10. Here’s the full schedule of classes.

Fast Track (once a week, 10-11:30 AM)
1/9 1: Paleontology 101
1/16 2: What IS a Dinosaur?
1/23 3: Sauropods
1/30 4: Theropods
2/6 5: Thyreophora Part 1 (Stegosaurs)
2/13 6: Thyreophora Part 2 (Ankylosaurs)
2/20 7: Iguanodonts
2/27 8: Hadrosaurs
3/6 9: Ceratopsians
3/13 10: Pachycephalosaurs
3/20 11: Archosaurs
3/27 12: Mammals
4/3 Dinosaur Ridge Field Trip

Slow Track (once a month, 6-7:30PM)
1/31 Paleontology 101
2/28 What IS a Dinosaur?
3/28 Sauropods
4/25 Theropods
5/30 Thyreophora Part 1 (Stegosaurs)
6/27 Thyreophora Part 2 (Ankylosaurs)
7/25 Iguanodonts
8/29 Hadrosaurs
9/26 Ceratopsians
10/31 Pachycephalosaurs
11/28 Archosaurs
12/12 Mammals

The Economic Development Commission meets tonight at 6:30 in the Public Works Building, 1445 10th St. Golden Moon Distillery is planning to substantially increase their capacity, and they are requesting a tax incentive of up to $25,000 from the City. The Commission will consider the request. They will also review a new application that they have developed for partnerships and funding requests. Finally, they will review their work plan for the year.

Rex Rideout - Golden Beer Talks - Golden ColoradoTonight’s Golden Beer Talk, featuring Rex Rideout discussing the music of the American west, promises to be very popular.  Food and beer will be available at 6 and the speaker will start at about 6:35PM. The event happens at Windy Saddle Cafe.  Rex will also be performing later this month at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering at the Mountaineering Center.