How do you feel about paid parking?

The City may start charging for some of the parking places downtown.  As you’ve probably noticed, parking is at times hard to find downtown.  One contributing factor is the number of residences we now have in the downtown area.  Condos typically come with one parking space, and many downtown households have more than one car.

Another contributing factor is the convenient location of downtown parking relative to the School of Mines campus.  Mines has parking lots, but they charge for parking, and many of their lots are located at some distance to the campus.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that Golden is just cool, and a lot of people want to be here.

The proposed plan is that some spots will be designated for longer-term parking (longer than 2 hours).  Those spots will require payment.  The police will use license plate recognition software to determine how long a car has been parked in a downtown lot, so they’ll know if a car has been in a short-term space for longer than 2 hours.

You will have three opportunities to weigh in on this plan:  tonight and July 14th at City Council, and next Thursday, June 23rd, at an open house to be held at the Community Center.

If you can’t stand the thought of paying for parking in downtown Golden, NOW is the time to tell City Council about it.  By the time the pay system goes in, it will be TOO LATE.  Learn more on the City’s website.