Hot Topics

This Week’s Meetings:
Tuesday – 7PM at the Community Center – Parks & Recreation
The Parks & Rec Board will review the Clear Creek Management plan, to discuss how we did this year in managing this valuable recreational resource.  The board is scheduled to discuss Creek Management with City Council in October.  The Parks Director will update the board on the status of the Parks Master Plan, and the status of the new skatepark being built in Ulysses Park.

Wednesday – 2:30PM in City Council Chambers – Local Licensing Authority
The Authority will review the Golden Hotel’s application to renew its liquor license, and will consider a request to transfer the tavern license for Urban Backyard (which has closed) back to the previous holder–Susie’s Bar & Grill.

Wednesday – 6:30PM in City Council Chambers – Sustainability Board
This agenda hasn’t been posted yet, but their topics will probably include waste & recycling at our big public events.

Tomorrow Night:
Information Night – Initiatives 3A and 3B
Shelton Elementary School, 420 Crawford Street, Golden, CO (map)
3a3bAli Lasell from the Jefferson County Board of Education and Steve Bell, Chief Operations Officer for Jefferson County schools, will be providing information about initiatives 3A & 3B on the ballot this November. Come and learn about how they will impact our schools! Everyone is welcome to join – this event is free and open to the public.

Golden Bike Cruise

Golden Bike Cruise
This month’s costume theme is the 1970s.  Beer and Food will be available starting at 6 and the ride starts at 7.