History and Current Events

Tonight at 6PM, the Golden History Center presents historian Ed Weising who will provide a glimpse into Colorado Native Americans. Hear about the lives, traditions, and tales of Colorado’s original inhabitants. Learn about the Anasazi, the Arapaho, the Cheyenne, and the Utes and the presence of Native Americans in Golden.

Saturday afternoon from 2-3, the Colorado State Historian will visit the Golden History CenterPatty Limerick’s Western Mining program features conversation on bridging the gap between past and present. Learn about issues within the context of Colorado’s rich mining history.  Patty Limerick promotes civil, problem-solving discourse on exploration of controversial modern topics. She is Colorado Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West, as well as Colorado State Historian.

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  Rebecca Winning, Communications Director for Jefferson County Public Library, will visit to tell Council how the library is spending the mil levy increase that we approved 18 months ago.  The Finance Director will describe a bill that the state legislature is considering to simplify the way we calculate sales tax.  An ordinance to establish a new city board–the Mobility And Transportation Advisory Board–will have its first reading tonight.  The public hearing for that ordinance will take place on July 14th.  Check the meeting packet to learn more about any of the agenda items.