Highway 6 and 19th

Highwy 6 and 19th Street Intersection

The City has held several meetings to get public input on the planned changes to the Highway 6 & 19th Street interchange.  In case you haven’t been following the topic, Highway 6 is going to be lowered, so it will go under 19th Street, and cars, a bike lane, pedestrian paths, and some parkland will go over Highway 6.

City Council will give final design input about this project tonight, during their 6:30 meeting.  If you have any last-minute thoughts on the subject, contact your city council representatives today, submit your comments through the city website, or send council an email.

You can see their other topics by checking the online agenda.  If you want to listen to their discussion, you can watch the meeting live on Cable Channel 8 or through the meetings page on the city website.