Highway 6 and 19th St. Preview

At the November 12th City Council meeting, the Public Works department and Karlyn Tilley, Communications Manager, described how they plan to communicate when the Highway 6 and 19th St.  project starts.  They will have a public kick-off meeting in January.  The January Informer is going to be a special full-color edition, almost entirely about this construction project.

6 and 19th phase 1Approximately January -June, no changes in traffic patterns

For the first 5-6 months after construction begins, everything will be happening alongside the current roads, with work on the on- and off-ramps.  Next summer, after most of the Mines students leave town, they’ll start construction right on Highway 6.

6 and 19th phase 2Next summer, Highway 6 is torn up and traffic routed to the sides

During construction, they plan to have a dedicated website that will always have the latest construction info.  They also plan to have signs, a telephone hotline and an opt-in email list, and they’ll be installing webcams.