The Library is having one of their popular STEM Girls sessions tonight from 4-5:30.

The Golden Urban Renewal Authority meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will discuss ways to provide affordable housing in Golden.  City staff is recommending several approaches, including rental assistance that would loan the deposit and last month’s rent to low and moderate income renters, and buying vacant land or an existing multifamily building for conversion to affordable housing.  Several boards and commissions are discussing affordable housing, so if you’re strongly in favor or strongly opposed to it, now is the time to weigh in and get involved. Public Transit - Golden Colorado

They will also discuss “enhanced transit” plans.  This might involve funding a Lyft-type service to replace our current call & ride bus.  That bus then could be put on the fixed circulator route (the green buses), to make stops on that route more frequent.  Learn more about these topics and others by reading their meeting packet.

City Council will be interviewing candidates for several boards and commissions this spring.  If you think you might want to serve, now is the time to start attending meetings or watching them on the City’s website.