GURA and Golden Beer Talks

Tonight: GURA
The Golden Urban Renewal Authority will meet tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will hold a public hearing regarding their 2018 budget. Staff will ask if the Central Neighborhoods Urban Renewal area wants to contribute funds to the new Central Neighborhoods park on 23rd Street. They will vote on a proposed change to the bylaws that would prohibit landowners or developers who might have business with GURA from meeting with GURA Commissioners outside of public meetings. A member of the Public Art Commission will attend the meeting to discuss GURA providing funding for a new piece of Public Art at the Washington Avenue/Highway 58 interchange. They will discuss including affordable housing in any potential mixed use or residential projects in the West Colfax Urban Renewal area.  Learn more….

Golden Beer Talks - Golden Colorado

Tomorrow Night: Golden Beer Talks
Tomorrow’s Golden Beer Talk features Margaret Blaha from the Horse Protection League.  She will describe why this horse rescue exists and how it came to be housed at the beautiful and historic Churches Ranch, just north of Golden. She will tell us how horses come to the Ranch, what HPL does for them, and how they find new homes.  Windy Saddle will be offering dinner and serving beer from one of the Golden breweries.  As always, the doors open at 6 and the talk starts at 6:30.  Get there early to make sure you’ll have a table!   |  1110 Washington Avenue  |  Map

Also Tomorrow Night:  EdComm
The Economic Development Commission will meet tomorrow night at the planning offices. They will discuss which programs they will continue to sponsor for the coming year. Options include the Jefferson County Business Resource Center at $10K/year, Traxion business accelerator for $20,000/year, the daily Golden Business News on for $1,100/month, and the International Women’s Day luncheon for $1,500.  Learn more….