Golden Women

International Women's received an award yesterday, at the 2016 International Women’s Day Luncheon, for “Grassroots Community Communication.”  Judy Denison of the Golden Newsletter, which goes out on Sunday nights, was also recognized.  I want to thank the Jeffco Innovators’ Workshop, City of Golden Economic Development Commission, and the IX Power Foundation for the honor!

Mayor Sloan gave the keynote address at the luncheon, which highlighted the progress of women in Golden since our founding, 157 years ago.  She concluded with the old cigarette slogan, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”  Then pointed out that Golden’s come even further, because we’ve banned cigarette smoking in public places.

Speaking of outstanding women, Golden’s Detective Stacy Galbraith was the hero of a story told on the February 26th edition of NPR’s This American Life.  It’s the story of a serial rapist who got away with his crimes time and again until a case came to Detective Galbraith.  She not only solved the Golden case, but through exceptional communication and meticulous police work, was able to solve the cases in several other municipalities as well–including two as far away as suburban Seattle.  Thanks to Detective Galbraith, the criminal was sentenced to more than 300 years in prison.