Golden Under Martial Law

1865Downtown Golden in 1865

Dennis Potter, M.A., will give what promises to be a fascinating lecture tonight (Thursday March 3rd) at the Golden History Center:  Golden Under Martial Law: The Home Front During the Last Year of the Civil War.

In the spring of 1865, the United States War Department sent a Kansas colonel and a battalion of Kansas soldiers to Golden to place the town under martial law. Golden citizens forfeited civil government, due process and horses in order to supply troops fighting the war in the East. With the addition of other calamities at the time, including an invasion of locusts, the result of martial law was economic ruin. Illustrated lecture by Dennis L. Potter, M.A.

Mr. Potter is a good lecturer and really knows his Golden history.  This will be a good one!  6-8PM at the Golden History Center, 923 10th Street.  Learn more….