Golden Industries

officeparks437Golden has several flourishing business parks, with occupants ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start ups. We have high concentrations of energy companies, manufacturers of medical devices, bicycles, and advanced materials, and an amazing array of other industries. Check the listings within Business Parks & Their Inhabitants to see the scope of industries based in Golden.

Start Ups

As you would expect, with both NREL and the the Colorado School of Mines in town, Golden has an active start up community.  Some are located in co-working spaces, while others are based in spare bedrooms.  Check out this short list of Golden start up companies.

Business Parks & Their Inhabitants

Corporate Center

6 and 40 Properties

Canyon View Business Park

Coors Technology Center

Thinking of Moving Your Business to Golden?

Information About This Fair City

The best reason to move your business to Golden is to enjoy the quality of life. Golden is a small town with a beautiful, historic downtown and world-class outdoor amenities. We have charming shops, several microbreweries, great restaurants, and an amazing number of museums. We also have a kayak course, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, hang-gliding, and an award-winning golf course.

Golden is a classic American small town, with a major dose of the Old West. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Golden is about 15 miles west of downtown Denver, but separated from the rest of the metro area by two mesas, North and South Table mountains. Our historic downtown forms the heart of our community and is the location of most of our large community events. Downtown is also popular with visitors, as it offers a wide array of restaurants and shops in Victorian-era buildings and is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.

Clear Creek offers kayaking, tubing, fly-fishing, and gold-panning. Pedestrian/bike paths run along both sides of the creek. Your employees will love being in Golden, and so will you.

Learn more about Living in Golden.

Finding Commercial Real Estate in Golden

Commercial Real Estate is available in the Business Parks, as well as various individual properties around town. Here are a few of the local property companies.

Mesa Meadows
Genessee Properties
St. Claire Properties
MIE Properties (In the Corporate Center Office Park)

You can also check with the City (303-384-8172) and the Chamber (303-279-3113) for unadvertised properties, or places that may be available in the near future.

Business Assistance

The City of Golden’s Economic Development Division can help you find available land and space and guide you through the necessary business permits and licenses. Contact them at 303-384-8172 or through their page on the City website.

Businesses settling in the historic downtown may be eligible for grants from the Downtown Development Authority. They have funds available for energy efficiency/renewable energy; facade improvements; special events, and website upgrades.

Some sections of Golden maybe eligible for State of Colorado tax credits for property investment, renewable energy investment, employer-sponsored health insurance, research & development, revitalizing vacant buildings, etc. These would go through the State’s Enterprise Zone program.

The Golden Chamber of Commerce provides a wealth of information about establishing a business in Golden and helping it thrive.