Golden History: A Snapshot of 1948

May 22, 2018

The Golden Transcript has been publishing since 1866. The Golden History Museum has been working on digitizing the old issues,. I love reading old Transcripts, and yesterday I was reviewing what was happening 60 years ago this week.

The May 20th, 1948 Transcript reported that the City was looking into paving the streets. The City Manager said that it was an expensive process, and it would take many years. Property owners would be expected to pay for the street in front of their property (at about $100 per 50 foot lot), with the City paying to pave intersections.

City Council was looking for a new source of water. They were considering purchasing water from Denver. They were also busy redesigning the street signs, and were evaluating hiring another policeman, as they had only four officers for a population of 6000.

Foss Drug Advertisement

The School of Mines was graduating its largest class ever–191, including 23 graduate degrees.

The ads were interesting too. The Appliance Shoppe was located at 1118 Washington Ave. (where the Red Wagon is now); Sarge Candies was at 1117 Washington Ave. (now part of the Buffalo Rose) , and Golden Cafe and Bakery was located at 1202 Washington Avenue (now part of Goozell Yogurt). Chuck’s Market & Grocery operated at 1214 Washington (now Laurel Property Services), while Safeway was half a block south, at 13th and Washington (now Peak Cycles). Tierney Jewelry Company was at 1206 Washington…and it still is, now known as Creekside Jewelers! Foss Drug Company was advertising lipsticks at 2 for $1.

The LaRay Hotel (which is now the Table Mountain Inn) had a new automatic shoe shiner, which allowed ladies and gentlemen to shine their own shoes in two minutes for ten cents!

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