Golden Historic Neighborhoods Association IGA Proposal


  • GHNA strongly supports the City’s process to seek specific input and recommendations as to the relationship of the Colorado School of Mines campus as a whole to the community, and the interface of campus edges with nearby residential, commercial, cultural, and recreational uses.
  • GHNA believes this public input should be used as the basis for an Inter-Governmental Agreement between Golden and Mines governing development standards throughout the campus and focusing on differentiating between the core of campus and the campus boundaries, which we refer to as “Transition Zones”.
  • We believe such an IGA is a unique opportunity for each side to show respect for the other and for the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. It would go a long way toward resolving the long-standing differences of opinion as to the right of Golden to enforce its zoning code and other local ordinances and the legal obligation of CSM to conform to those ordinances, all while avoiding the courts.
  • We offer specific suggestions as to development standards in the Transition Zones, including building heights and setbacks, traffic, parking, safety, noise, lighting, and other nuisance impacts…  Read more…