Golden Beer Talk: Thunder Basin National Grassland

Cristi Painter - Golden Beer Talks

Tomorrow night’s Golden Beer Talk will feature the Thunder Basin National Grassland, which is home to many imperiled species like the black-tailed prairie dog, burrowing owl, and mountain plover.  Located in northeastern Wyoming and spanning approximately 553,000 acres, Thunder Basin is the only National Grassland in Wyoming.

With an amalgamation of ecosystems that converge in one location, Thunder Basin provides for a variety of wildlife species that call it home and a vast array of beautiful vistas like nowhere else.  Grasslands are some of the most imperiled ecosystems on the planet due to climate change and human development, and this presentation will introduce you to the beauty of Thunder Basin National Grassland, and perhaps create interest in all of the other National Grasslands.

Golden Beer Talks take place at Windy Saddle Cafe in downtown Golden.  The doors open at 6.  The restaurant offers two options for dinner.  Beer from one of Golden’s craft breweries will be available.  The event starts at 6:35, with a brief talk about beer, followed by the evening’s featured speaker.

Speaker Bio:

CristiPainterMedCristi Painter is a Wildlife Biologist for the United States Forest Service, Douglas Ranger District in Wyoming.  Most of her work is centered on the Thunder Basin National Grassland.  Painter has spent the bulk of her career working on National Grasslands, either for the US Forest Service or other Federal agencies and/or State agencies.  A native of Colorado, she received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wyoming in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management. As reflected by her remarkable photography, Painter has a great passion for grasslands and enjoys introducing people to all the wonderful resources the grasslands hold.