We misinformed you last week: there is NOT a First Friday celebration tonight…the carriages had another booking.  However, the restaurants are all open and hoping you’ll eat out this evening.  Alternatively, you can stay home and rest tonight, and hit downtown full of energy tomorrow. The parade starts at 11 and carriage rides and Newfoundland Dog cart rides start after the parade.

You may have read an article in this week’s Golden Transcript about a series of burglaries that occurred the night of November 23rd.  The chief of police gave an excellent and very interesting summary of the crime in last night’s City Council meeting.  Follow this link and skip ahead to 19 minutes, 20 seconds.  (If you don’t have time to watch, here’s the important part–almost all of the burglaries involved houses and cars that were unlocked, and they caught the guys who–allegedly–did it.)