Free Rides and Super Moons

Full moon over Golden Colorado

Coors Light and Coors Distributing Company are sponsoring FREE RIDES on RTD on from 7PM New Year’s Eve to 7AM New Year’s Day. The green call-n-ride buses won’t be operating, but the light rail and the #16 bus from Golden to Denver will be running.  Learn more….

This is the last day for the Holiday Art Market at Foothills Art Center.  This is also the last day that the Golden History Museum will be open; however, I visited the museum for one last look on Wednesday and found that most of it was already cordoned off and swathed in tarps.  We’ll just have to wait till their grand re-opening to visit our favorite artifacts.

We’re in the middle of having three “Super Moons” in a row.  The first was on December 3rd; the second will be on January 1st–New Year’s Day–and the third will be on January 31st.  You will probably recall that a Super Moon appears extra-large, because it’s extra close to Earth.