Finding Art and Spotting Fake News

Did you remember to set your clocks forward?  Daylight Saving Time is now in effect.  Sunrise is at 7:16AM and sunset at 7:04PM.

The Quilt Museum is having “Sundays at the Museum” this afternoon from 2-4.  Patricia Patterson’s “Finding Art for Fiber: Pieces of London”  Join Patricia Patterson, editor for McCall’s Magazine, for an informative talk on capturing travel memories through Mixed Media Textile Art.

This month’s Golden Beer Talk, which takes place this Tuesday, should be exceptionally interesting.  Regardless of where you fall on the ideological spectrum, you’ve probably been hearing your favorite news outlets be called “fake news.”  Golden Beer Talks is hosting the Regional Director from the Associated Press.  His topic:  This Just In: How to Spot Fake NewsHave you heard that Hillary Clinton is part of a pedophile ring? Or that both the Pope and Denzel Washington endorsed Donald Trump? Or get this—there’s proof that scientists have conspired to fake global warming evidence?!  Did you also know that these 3 examples of fake news…?  This talk will focus on what news is, how professionals gather it, the sources to be trusted, how to spot fake news and how to avoid it.

Golden Beer Talks are fun community events, held at the Windy Saddle Cafe (map).  There is no cover charge.  Dinner is available for those who want to purchase it.  Every month, we feature beer from one of Golden’s craft breweries.  This month we’ll offer a couple of selections from Cannonball Creek.  People will begin to gather at 6 and the talk begins at 6:30.