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I ran into Dan Thoemke (of Be A Tool fame) last night at the “soft” opening for State-38’s new downtown tasting room.  He asked what had become of my website,  When you go to that domain now, you see a big picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I did announce the change at the beginning of the year, but considering how often people ask the same question Dan asked, I should announce it again.

“” was a very desirable domain.  People contacted me at least once a week to ask me to sell it.  After the November election, I needed something to cheer me up–so I sold the domain to a guy from Canada.  He plans to hold onto it until somebody offers him even more money.  (It worked, by the way.  I felt much better after I received the payment for the domain.  I used it to spend a month in London.)

As for my website–it’s still there.  You can find exactly the same content at my new domain–WWW.GOLDENTODAY.COM.  In addition to my three daily columns–What’s Happening in Golden?, Golden Business News, and News About Golden–you’ll find lists of every store and restaurant in town, local service providers, breweries & distilleries, and Golden industries great and small.  You’ll also find lots of things to do, information about summer camps, and much more.

Visit GOLDENTODAY.COM!  Tell your friends & neighbors!

The semi-annual Beautiful Junk Sale is open today and tomorrow at the Jeffco Fairgrounds.  Lots of bargains to be found, and the proceeds benefit the Jeffco Action Center.