Excellence Tonight


One last reminder–the Mayor’s Awards for Excellence are tonight at 6:30 at the Community Center.  The featured speaker will be sustainability guru David Wann.  The award recipients will be the Christian Action Guild, which has been supporting Golden residents for 49 years; Jim Dale, for his many years of service on the Planning Commission, Citizens’ Budget Advory Committee, Sustainability Baord, Visitors Center Board, and many other volunteer activities; Emmy Dimitroff, for her service on the Parks & Rec board, taking care of the gardens & chickens at the Clear Creek History Park, and leadership of Mitchell Elementary’s Environmental Learning for the Future program; and Spyderco owners Sal and Gail Glesser, for founding their successful company in Golden nearly 40 years ago, and for their steadfast support of the community.

Thanks to the Golden Rotary Club for their sponsorship of this event!