Electric Vehicle Roundup This Saturday

Electric Vehicle Roundup

This Saturday, June 7th, we’ll be hosting a Golden Super Cruise, with the usual array of beautiful classic cars.  But we’ll also have an interesting addition:  Golden Real Estate’s Jim Smith has partnered with Steve Stevens, of the Golden Oldy Cyclery (“The Sustainable Museum of Sustainable Transportation”) to host an Electric Vehicle Roundup.

Jim says, We’re expecting quite a few electric cars, including Teslas, Leafs, Chevy Volts, plug-in Priuses, a kit car built in Arvada, an electric motorcycle, and others.  We’re looking for electric BMWs, Mercedes, and other lesser seen electrics.  Owners of any electric and plug-in cars are welcome to call Jim Smith at 303-525-1851 and let him know they’re coming.  Many owners will be with their cars to answer questions and possibly give rides to interested spectators.  In the spirit of the Super Cruise, we’ll form a caravan and do a circuit around South Golden Road now and then, bringing a quiet interlude to the often noisy cruising of gas-powered vehicles.

Steve adds, Plug In Electric vehicles are quiet! They provide alternatives in many senses–Sound, Smell, Sight–as well as long term effects environmentally. I think that Jim, in hosting this “Electrical Vehicle Roundup” at the Golden Cruise, will really start something special….