Election, Parks, & Early Trick or Treating

Judy Denison of “Golden Votes” sent out a rousing email yesterday:

We have run into a disturbing number of folks who don’t even know there is an election this November. We will be electing THREE SCHOOL BOARD members and FOUR CITY COUNCIL members (wards), plus a ballot issue on a solar “garden”. Ballots will be mailed to all voters starting today.

Remember the school board mess two years ago – student protests, ending in recall of three board members? This was because when those board members were elected in 2013, of those eligible to vote in Jefferson County only 43% actually voted. If the turnout had been 86% it would have been a different story. SO YOU NEED TO VOTE.

Here are two chances to meet the school board candidates. There’s a Candidate Forum for Jeffco School Board tonight from 7-9PM at the Jefferson Unitarian Church (map). In addition, three of the candidates (Brad Rupert, Susan Harmon, & Ron Mitchell) will be at Cannonball Creek Brewing tomorrow night from 6-7:30. (That’s Wednesday, October 18th – 393 Washington Ave – map.)

The City Council Candidates forum is available for viewing on YouTube.

Lions Park - Golden Colorado

The Parks, Recreation, & Museums Board meets tonight at 7PM at the Community Center. They will continue the discussion regarding crime prevention in Lions Park. Last month, they learned that people are currently allowed to set up tents in city parks, though they are not allowed to camp. They are allowed to sleep in their cars, though not on city property. The Board will discuss whether to accept parcels of land as part of the new Shelton Ranch subdivision. They will consider implementing an Adopt A Trail program. They will discuss the South Table Mountain Trail, though I’m not sure what aspect they plan to discuss. They will discuss a pilot project for adding a soft surface “single track” along side some concrete trails. The notes from last month’s meeting describe a discussion about deaccessioning artifacts from the history museum. The list of items they currently plan to deaccession appears at the bottom of the Collection Policy page on the museum’s website.  According to the Deaccession Policy, the museum is currently contacting other cultural organizations, seeking to re-home the artifacts with someone who will continue to use them for educational purposes.  See the meeting packet for details….

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Golden High School Student Council is hosting Trick or Treat Street for elementary school children (K-6) from 5:30-7:30PM. They’ll have games, candy, and fun! The High School is located at 701 24th St (map).