Drones, beer, and the atomic clock


A full week of viewing pleasure awaits (for those who like watching city meetings).  Each of the following will be broadcast live on cable channel 8 and on the City website.  Except where noted, the meetings will be held in City Council Chambers (911 10th St.) and are open to the public.

Monday at 6:30PM – Golden Urban Renewal Authority
Tuesday at 6:30PM – City government use of unmanned aircraft systems
Wednesday at 7:30AM – Citizen Budget Advisory Committee
Thursday at 6:30PM – City Council

Tuesday at 6:30PM – Economic Development Commission will be held in the public works building (1445 10th St.) and will not be available live.  The audio recording will be posted the next day.

Golden Beer Talks

Tomorrow night’s Golden Beer Talk will feature Andrew Novick from the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST).   Andrew, an electrical engineer, will tell us about The Atomic Clock:  What Time it is—And Why.  Golden Beer Talks is celebrating their second anniversary, and will auction off a fancy table (candles, tablecloth, a waiter, and prime viewing spot) to help fund this monthly fun gathering.  As always, Golden Beers Talks are held at Windy Saddle Cafe, 1110 Washington Avenue.