Dinosaur Discoveries

Dinosaur Ridge is looking for new volunteers.  If you’re interested in dinosaurs, but need a refresher course, join them once a week for a series of “Everything Dinosaur” training sessions between Jan 6th through April 2nd, 2015.  Each session is from 10am to 11:30am at the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center (C-470 and West Alameda Parkway – map). Contact: for more information.

January 6th Session 1 (Tuesday) – Dinosaurs 101
January 14th Session 2 (Wednesday) – Lizard and Bird Hipped Dinosaurs
January 22nd Session 3 (Thursday) – Long-Necked Dinosaurs
January 30th Session 4 (Friday) – Meat-Eating Dinosaurs
February 2nd Session 5 (Monday) – Bipedal Ornithopods
February 10th Session 6 (Tuesday) – Spike-Tails & Armored Dinosaurs
February 18th Session 7 (Wednesday) – Thumb Spike Dinosaurs
February 26th Session 8 (Thursday) – Duck-billed Dinosaurs
March 6th Session 9 (Friday) – Horned Dinosaurs
March 9th Session 10 (Monday) – Bone-headed Dinosaurs
March 17th Session 11 (Tuesday) – Non-Dinosaurs (Archosaurs)
March 25th Session 12 (Wednesday) – Non-Dinosaurs (Mammals)
April 2nd Session 13 (Thursday) – Dinosaur Ridge Guided Tour/Training