Devices, New and Old

Golden Library

Did you receive a new Kindle, iPad, cell phone, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or other new electronic doodad for Christmas? The Library has a class today at noon to teach you how to download FREE e-books, audiobooks, music, and movies. Bring your device, cable, and library card. If you have an Amazon, Adobe, or iTunes account, bring that info too.

This isn’t restricted to new device-holders. Even if you’ve owned these things for years, chances are good that you’re not using them to their full potential. Did you know that your cell phone could be reading audio books to you? Bring it to the library and find out how!

If you can’t make this class, bring your device to the library some other time…there’s usually someone on hand who can unlock its mysteries.

Remember—on January 1st, will become Please update your bookmarks.