Defining Golden’s Future

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.   The meeting packet is available on the City’s website.  A lot is at stake tonight.

Council will vote on a resolution to change the City’s Comprehensive Plan to mandate the composition of Golden’s housing stock. If they approve this resolution, 15% of our housing will be affordable to low income households, 15% affordable to moderate income households, and 15% affordable to middle income households. All together, 45% of Golden’s total housing stock will be subject to government quotas.

The resolution also says that affordable housing will be integrated in existing neighborhoods. It further says that the City may reduce regulatory barriers to facilitate adding affordable housing, and that the City will earmark funds for the housing.

Some citizens and people who would like to live in Golden are in favor of this resolution. Others are concerned that this will encourage density in Golden and that affordable housing developers will be held to lower standards than market-rate developers or current residents. Still others object to spending tax money to subsidize housing. This group wants Council to table the current resolution and look for a less prescriptive approach to incorporating affordable housing.

If you have an opinion, you can offer public comment at tonight’s Council meeting, call your Council representatives, or send an email to

Friends of the CSM Geology Museum - Golden ColoradoThe Friends of the CSM Geology Museum will hold their first-Thursday lecture tonight at 6:30 at the Ben Parker Student Center, 16th & Maple Streets. Dr. Stephen Zahony, Consulting Mining Geologist, will talk about “Unidirectional Solidification Textures in Acid Igneous Rocks as Exemplified at Ad Duweyhi Gold Mine, Saudi Arabia.”

This Sunday, Golden United will host a potluck supper from 5-7PM at the Golden Masonic Lodge. Learn more….