Darkness descends…and a question for you


Daily Savings Time was over as of 2 o’clock this morning.  Yesterday the sun set at 5:59PM, and today it will set at 4:58PM.  This distressing trend will continue until the Winter Solstice, December 22nd, at which time the days will slowly begin to lengthen again.

Fall Yard Waste pickup starts tomorrow.  Your yard waste will be picked up on your regular trash collection day.  See the City website for more information.  This schedule may not apply to you if have a Home Owners Association.

Recently, I’ve been starting each month with a list of the upcoming events for that month.  I began this because a reader wrote me, asking for more warning on events.  Then another reader mentioned that she liked the daily emails because they were quick and easy to read…except that long one at the beginning of the month.

What do you think, Dear Reader?  Do you want a summary of November events in tomorrow’s email?  Let me know at  Thanks!