Coffee, Quilts, and Cowboys

Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering - Golden Colorado

Casey Brown is having Coffee with a Councilor this morning from 10-11 at the Brown Residence, 1310 Cody Trail, Golden, CO (map).

The Quilt Museum is having a panel discussion today featuring the people who created the current exhibit: “How New is Modern?” This innovative group of quilters will be at the museum from 1-3 this afternoon. If you haven’t seen this show yet, better hurry! It closes on February 3rd.

The Cowboy Gathering continues today at the Mountaineering Center with small group “Daytime Sessions” happening from 10-5, and the big evening show starting at 7:30. Tonight’s host is Carol Heuchan, and the featured performers are Al “Doc” Mehl, Joyce Woodson, Rod Taylor & Don Richmond, Doris Daley, and the Flying W Wranglers. Check the website for the details.