Clear Creek, West Colfax, and a library event

Tonight’s Golden Community Rodeo due to the high water levels in Clear Creek.

The Planning Commission has a study session tonight, starting at 6:30.  The meeting will begin with a field trip to West Colfax.  This area is now a Golden Urban Renewal district, so the members of the GURA board will join Planning Commission members as they assess and discuss the area.  GURA will be investing in improvements to the area, and the Planning Commission will need to make appropriate zoning decisions.  GURA has already paid to install sidewalks along Colfax, to make the street safer and more walkable.  Check tonight’s meeting packet to learn more about the Colfax project.

Tomorrow afternoon from 4-5, the library is hosting “DIY Explorers Club – Make Something!”  If you’ve ever gotten into trouble for taking stuff apart “just to see how it works” or if you love to invent, create, and reimagine things, join the DIY Explorers Club! Whether it’s learning basic circuitry to make bike lights, creating costumes out of cardboard, making stop-motion animation, each month we’ll do an awesome hands-on activity (or two!) to turn you into a Maker! This program is for tweens in 5th-8th grade only.