City Business

Yesterday, I remarked that City Council would be proclaiming Golden to be a “Welcoming and Inclusive City” at tonight’s Council meeting.  I received several comments on the subject, saying that we’re both better and worse than we think.  On the one hand, someone corrected my statement that our police only check immigration status if they’re arresting someone for a felony.  My reader is under the impression that our police never check immigration status.  On the other hand, another reader pointed out that we’ll never be completely “inclusive” while we have an on-going city celebration of Christmas–the ultimate Christian holiday.  The same reader remarked that we have about 70 countries represented at the School of Mines, and do little to enfold those residents in the life of the city.  And so the conversation continues.  Thanks to everyone who wrote–I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

In other business, Council will vote tonight to approve a new food vendor for the club house at Fossil Trace Golf Club.  City staff reviewed several proposals, and is recommending Biscuits and Berries, a long-time Golden-based business.  Congratulations to the owner, Gwen Neely!

Downtown Golden Colorado

The February 23rd Council meeting had an impassioned discussion about paid parking for downtown residents.  The two newest downtown buildings–one at 12th and Jackson and one at 13th and Jackson–include some on-site parking, but not enough for all residents.  The developer paid a “cash in lieu” sum to the city to help fund public parking.  The developer believed–and told the new residents–that the cash in lieu payments guaranteed them parking places in the city garage.  When our new paid parking plan went into effect, all downtown residents who planned to use public parking were required to buy an annual parking pass.  This included the residents in those two new buildings.  The residents and the developer feel they shouldn’t have to pay for parking; the City feels they should.  Tonight, Council will vote on a compromise, which allows the new residents to pay lower parking fees for the first five years.

This is the last day to bid in Shelton Elementary’s online auction.  Bid soon and often!  As I remarked several days ago, you may get some great deals, and you will certainly benefit a good cause.